Dick & Romanzo

Dick and Romanzo chatting about their adventures.

Dick to Romanzo:

So Romanzo, what’s bothering your mind?
– I had a date last night..
Oh, but that’s wonderful, what did you do?
– Oh, we went to the movies, we saw a rerun of that lovely, romantic Titanic..
Yup, that’s a good choice for a date.
– That’s right, and after that we had a nice meal with champange and candles and stuff..
Sounds good, sounds good..
– Then we took a cab to my hotel lobby bar and grabbed a couple of drinks and we danced a bit..
Sure you did, you’re a fantastic dancer Romanzo. But did you take it any further?
– Of course I did, after that we went up to my room and made love!
Oh you did it?! How nice. So what’s the problem with that?
– He didn’t give me any satisfaction..
He!! He?? You made love to a man??!?!
– Ooooh, yeah! This time it was a man!
Romanzo, you sick bastard!! You’re such a pervert!!
– Don’t know about that, but he had a much smaller penis, than I do. Haha haha hahaa!!

Romanzo to Dick:

– You know what pisses me off?
No, what’s that?
– When you’re in bed with 3 attractive woman and the least attractive is begging you: ”Please save it for me”..
I know, I know. It’s terrible.
– Yeah, it happens to me all the time.

Dick to Romanzo:

What are you smiling about Romanzo?
– Hmm, I’m just thinking about next summer.
Yeah, I can’t wait. Summer is the best time of the year.
– That’s right! Imagine, you go to a beach party, the band is playing some nice disco music, you can have a couple of drinks and dance all night. You’ve got some good friends with you, the sun never goes down..
Sounds familiar, I like that.
– Sure you do. So you’re having the time of your life and then.. And then.. Someone takes you by the hand, and you go to the bush together to have wild sex! Imagine, a lovely summer and outdoor sex with a nice and firm young man.
Yeah, that really.. A MAN??!?! You’re such a pervert! You’d have sex with a MAN?!!?! …. Well, why not, I suppose… But you truly are a sick bastard!!

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