Dick Rosco

Lead vocals


Dick Rosco
Lead vocals

Richard Dean Anderson Rosco was born in Stoke-On-Trent, near Birmingham in England. He spent his youth and adolescence playing football for the
Aston Villa youth teams and partying in the wildest discos in Birmingham. There he developed his breathtaking disco dancing skills as well as a cocaine habit, which he later confessed to his father, Theodore, in a book he wrote, called ”I’m a Dick, Ted”.
This expensive and destructive addiction led to the break ups of all his early efforts in show business with bands such as ”The Dickinsons Of Beaches”, ”Dick Of The Disco” and ”Dick In For Gold”, with whom he had mediocre success with a horror-heavy-song called ”Fear My Monster, Dick”.
At a very early age Dick Rosco felt he had a message of love that he wanted to share with the world, he desperately wanted to give something back to his audience. In a newspaper interview in 1979 he said: ”I want to give a little bit of Dick to everyone.”
But he never enjoyed any great success, which led to his nervous breakdown in 1986. He left to India, and joined a Buddhist monastery to become a monk. He was given a Buddhist name; ”Sook Mai”, which loosely translates to English as ”quite small, yet strong standing”, because of Dick’s relatively short height and healthy posture. He was however forced to leave India after his unusual background made him somewhat of a celebrity and people on the street started greeting him with both his Buddhist and western names; ”Hey Sook Mai Dick!”
After Dick left India, he didn’t return to the world of entertainment. Nobody heard of him during the whole of the 1990’s, except for a short spell in the German adult video industry in 1993, where he grew his now trademark mustache. It was only in 2002 that he re-appeared in show business, this time in Tijuana, Mexico, where he toured retirement homes performing Mexican folk songs for the elderly. He was also undergoing serious anger management therapy, ordered by a local court after an incident left two donkeys seriously injured. In a police report Dick said: ”The donkeys didn’t give me the respect I deserve as an artist. And the other one made fun of my mustache.”
Soon after that, however, everything would change. One January evening, in the cheapest whorehouse in town, Dick Rosco met his soulmate and fellow cosmopolitan; Romanzo Masculino. Together they formed their current super group, which has been dubbed ”the sexiest show band east of the Rio Grande”, Disco Inferno.

Email: dick (at) discoinferno.fi

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