Justin Credible

Bass & Sunshine


Justin Credible
Bass & Sunshine

Justin is from London, England, where he and his nudist family lived in an upper-class suburb. To his family’s horror, Justin started playing the bass at the age of 12 with a local disco band. He was the only white man in the band, but many of his fellow musicians said that his bass beat was ”blacker than slavery”. His bass guitar got the nickname ”Voodoo”, because his beat and sound would hypnotize people in the audience and start sexual orgies.

Justin went to Mexico as an exchange student when he was studying to be a lawyer, and there he joined Disco Inferno after seeing them perform in Mexico City. Today, he forms the ”balls of the band” together with drummer, Mike Oxhard.

Fender basses
Shure wireless
This and that on the pedalboard

Email: justin (at) discoinferno.fi

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