Romanzo Masculino

Lead guitar & Secondary lead vocals


Romanzo Masculino
Lead guitar & Secondary lead vocals

Romanzo has a multi-cultural backhround; rumors tell, that his father is Elvis himself!
His lesbian-mother is half Portuguese, half Moroccan and half Mexican Aztec. Romanzo spent his youth on a small island off the coast of Portugal, where he learned to weave fishing nets with his fisherman-father. In 1979, at the age 8, he got a mandolin from his brother, Femále, and he learned to master it in three weeks. Soon it become obvious that the island was too small for Romanzo, or Romanzo too big for the island, so his family packed him up with all their food in a little boat and pushed him out to sea.

He landed on the coast of Mexico, where he grew a man in a brothel under the care of Juanita, a 130kg woman who taught Romanzo everything there is to know about love between a man and a woman. Or a man and a man. Or a woman and a man and another woman. And a donkey. In his own words, the years in Juanita’s brothel made Romanzo the greatest lover in the world. ”That can be confirmed by a lot of women. And men”, Romanzo says.

It was in Juanita’s brothel, while performing at the bar, that Romanzo met Dick for the first time. ”I saw him coming down the street with his donkey.”, Romanzo said later. ”It was quite a sight. An ugly, dirty, hairy, smelly beast on four legs staggering down the street, with the donkey on a rope behind him.” Dick spent a few drunken nights under Juanita’s care in the brothel, and soon Romanzo knew that they were destined to do great thing together. The first of which, right after they saw qualified virologist, was to find the best musicians in the world and go on tour, spreading their disco religion and a message of love between human beings.

Romanzo soon found out that meeting Dick Rosco was the best thing that could’ve happened to him. Disco Inferno was touring the hottest venues in Central-America, and people loved them. They also enjoyed working with each other. In several interviews Romanzo has said: ”I really enjoy playing with Dick.”

PH-Custom handmade guitars
Fender Stratocaster guitars
Fractal Audio Axe Fx II -effects
Line6 wireless
Line6 Bogner Spider Mark2 -amp
Marshall JVM 410 amplifier

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