Mike Oxhard

Drums & Backing vocals


Mike Oxhard
Drums & Backing vocals

Mike, the dumbest member of the band, is and old faggot from Denmark. In 1975 his hippie community were on their way to Norway to join a fishing tribe living in the mountains, when their plane crashed in the Baltic Sea. Mike, the only survivor, was stranded on a deserted island for 28 years, where he tried to make contact with the outside world by playing drums made of coconuts and hollow tree trunks.

He was found by Greenpeace, and brought to Mexico where he started a life as a homeless beggar and a thief. In one court case against him, he was appointed a student lawyer to defend him. The lawyer’s name was Justin Credible. All charges were dropped, and Mike walked out with his freedom, and a deep love and respect for Justin. They have been inseparable since then.

Due to his long isolation from people, Mike is still afraid of people, and communicates mostly by smiling and hugging. But his jungle-drumming is considered one-of-a-kind, and the connection between Mike’s drumming and Justin’s bass playing is widely envied by musicians around the world.

Tama Maple Custom drums
Zildjian symbals

Email: mike (at) discoinferno.fi

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